Painter (bow line) Loop - Two-inch loop of line out of bow gunwale
Painter (also known as the bow line) tied to mast step, knot free, 8 meters, w/ bowline at the outboard end
Bailer 1 minimum, 2 preferred tied to boat                              
Air Bags 3 (even w/boats with side tanks)                       

Rudder Retainer Clip (prevents rudder from popping out)                          
Centerboard Retainer (prevents dagger board from popping up)             
Centerboard Retainer Line (ties dagger board to boat)       
Mast Tie in Line or Collar         
Main Sheet Snap - Closed Snap           
U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD (lifejacket) (or for International sailors, a lifejacket approved by their country’s corresponding authority) with whistle attached by line or lanyard                         
Mainsheet Bridle - No looser than 100 mm from the boom at any point
Paddle attached to hull by lanyard or elastic cord (weighs no less than 200g, having corner radii of minimum 5mm and a blade able to contain a rectangle of 200mm x 130mm)