Proposal to Host Class Championship



Thank you for your interest in hosting a Class Championship on behalf of the USODA.  It is our experience that these events can be a real boon to the local economies, but can also be the impetus for substantial growth in Class participation in the area.  In order to choose venues and hosts that support our mission of exposing as many kids as possible to the fun and friendship that comes with racing Optis, please complete the attached form for the consideration of the Regatta Committee.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Director of the Class at


We will review all proposals as they are received.  It is the intention of the Regatta Committee to finalize commitments for our Championships one or two years in advance of the scheduled date.    For transparency purposes, all accepted proposals from recent years are available for viewing on the members only portion of the USODA website (To find after logging in, click link entitled “Committees”, then “Regatta”, then “Files”.)



1. Name of Proposed Championship: 

The USODA supports or conducts national and regional Championships throughout the year as follows:

a. National Events

i. Optimist National Championship
ii. Optimist Girls National Championship
iii. Optimist Team Race National Championship
iv. Team Trials
v. Spring Team Qualifier regatta

1. in even numbered years is the Midwinter Championship (at Southern Yacht Club)
2. in odd numbered years rotates, is held on Columbus Day Weekend, and typically assumes the name of a regional event depending on location.

vi. Team Race Midwinter Championship


b. Regional Events

i. Optimist New England Championship
ii. Optimist Atlantic Coast Championship
iii. Optimist Southeast Championship
iv. Optimist Gulf Coast Championship
v. Optimist Midwest Championship
vi. Optimist Great Lakes Championship
vii. Optimist Mid America Championship
viii. Optimist West Coast Championship
ix. Optimist Pacific Coast Championship
x. Optimist Northwest Championship
xi. Optimist Sunshine State Championship
xii. Optimist New Jersey State Championship
xiii. Texas Youth Race Week (at Houston, Texas Corinthian and Lakewood Yacht Clubs)
xiv. Valentine’s Day Regatta (at St Petersburg Yacht Club)


Please specify which of these you propose to host.  (Nationals, Girls Nationals and Team Race Nationals may be conducted by the same host or coordinated among two or more hosts.  In the latter case please indicate which other hosts will be involved and all proposals should be submitted at the same time.) Qualification for international teams occurs at Team Trials (which is an invitation only event) and at the Spring Team Qualifier regatta.


2. Year of Championship

Proposals are accepted for events as many as three years in advance. The committee aims for national level events (Team Trials, Nationals and the Spring Team Qualifier) to rotate around macro-regions (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, and West).


3. Host

The name of the host organization. This is the entity with which USODA will contract for the event. 


4. Contact Name

Whom shall we contact regarding questions about the proposal?


5. Contact Information

Please indicate your preferences for mode and times of contact.


6. Regatta Chairperson

Moving forward, who will be responsible for organizing the event?


7. Chairperson Contact Information

Please indicate your preferences for mode and times of contact.


8. Approximate Dates of the Event

If you are requesting specific dates, please indicate this.  Please note that we schedule our regional events in a manner that does not conflict with National events and minimizes conflict with other regional events.  With that in mind, indicate if the proposed dates are flexible.


9. Outline of the Schedule

Describe the time frames for the activities.  Will Check-In happen the day before?  If applicable, when will you do measurement?  When are the social activities (if any) planned?  What time will racing end on the last day?  It is not necessary to pin down an exact schedule at this point, but the regatta committee may be able to help you sort through some schedule “problem areas.”  The ‘No First Warning Signal for a race or “Set” of races should be between 1400 and 1600 to be chosen based on local weather patterns, proximity to airport, and regional flight schedules.


10. Number of days Racing

Not including registration or measurement.  Generally, Girls Nationals are one day, (Fleet) Nationals are four days, Team Trials are four days, Spring Team Qualifiers are three days, Team Race Championships are three days and all other championships are two or three days of racing.


11. Describe your Host Venue

If you were describing your venue to someone who had never been there before and was considering whether or not to travel to this event, what would you want them to know?  What facilities are there for inclement weather?  If it is a club, talk about the history and traditions of the club.  If it is a community venue or park, talk about that community.  Restroom and shower facilities, dining, jury and scorer rooms, available RC and umpire/judge boats, and other relevant details about the venue should be included here.  Photos, maps etc. are encouraged. Provide information on the WIFI network capacity and the opportunity to provide separate network access for race official scoring, protests, and social media postings. 


12. What is Your Volunteer Base?

Club membership, local community organizations, schools, Chamber of Commerce, US Marine Corps; they’ve all volunteered for Opti championships.  You’ll need race committee and sufficient boats, marks, ground tackle, etc., shore side logistics, safety, social, parking, dolly management and a host of others.  Please describe who is available to help with this event.


13. Do you Have an Active Optimist Fleet?

This is about experience with Opti sailors and also the extent to which your organization will welcome and accommodate a large number of kids in this age group.  Please tell us how a USODA event could help the class grow and benefit junior sailing in your area.


14. Describe characteristics of the racing area

Sheltered or open water?  Current?  How much room?  Are there issues with commercial traffic?  What are the prevailing conditions at the time of the event?  Will there be separate race areas for Championship and Green Fleets?  Is it possible to move the race area in response to conditions?


15. Describe facilities for launching and storage of boats

Please distinguish between existing facilities and those which must be rented or constructed.  How long will it take to launch the number of Optis you can accommodate?  Describe launching and dockage for coach and spectator boats.  If public ramp, is there a fee to launch motorboats?


16. Describe parking for cars and trailers and access to the venue

On site, short walk, shuttle service, security, separate from drop off and pick up, loading and unloading all should be described here.  Is there a daily parking fee?


17. How many sailors can you accommodate?  Are you able to allow access to the regatta venue or provide local alternate venues for early arrivals up to one week in advance? 

Even the smallest USODA Championship attracts at least 40 boats, and some events often have 200 to 400 or more boats.  It is the policy of the class to not permit limits below 300 sailors for registration entries at regional regattas.  The Host is encouraged to allow registrations above this number should they have the space to accommodate.  The Nationals, Team Trials, and the Spring Team Qualifier (STQ) regattas may not place a limit of the number of entries.


18. Are you able to provide racing and fun activities for a Green Fleet?

These Championships are as important for the beginners as the accomplished sailors.  Fun activities, education and separate racing are critical components of a Green Fleet event.  Please note that Green Fleet participants receive participation awards, but not overall placement awards.


19. Certain meals for sailors are standard and to be included in the entry fee. Please elaborate: 

For two-day events, host may choose continental breakfast or lunch, and a regatta dinner.  For three- and four-day events, host may choose continental breakfast, lunch, or snacks after racing, and one regatta dinner.


20. Will food service be available for non-sailors?

Parents, families and coaches will all be there for any event for the sailors, but many will be there while the sailors are on the water.  Describe facilities available to the support crews.


21. How far is your venue from airports?

22. Describe hotel and other accommodations in the area:

23. Describe attractions in the area which make your venue a travel destination:


24. Are you prepared to provide transportation, housing and meals for Judges/Umpires/Race Officials and Class Representative? 

Members’ homes, boats, apartments or hotels are all acceptable.


25. Have you identified a PRO for the event or do you require the Class’ assistance?  Please describe this person’s US Sailing certification and experience with large fleets of Optis: 

Experience is easily as important as credentials.  The PRO must appreciate the differences in running an event for kids versus one for adults, and the PRO must understand the differences between dinghies versus large keelboats.  The Class has identified a number of very qualified and experienced Race Officers who are available to help.  The PRO must be mutually agreed upon by the Host and USODA, also known as the Organizing Authority (OA).  It is possible the OA may decide not to use the person indicated in the proposal. USODA Standardized NOR and SI documents will be used for the event along with prescribed course length and configuration.


26. Have you identified a Chief Judge or Umpire for the event or do you require the Class’ assistance?  Please describe this person’s US Sailing certification and experience with large fleets of Optis, including on the water judging of Rule 42: 

The emphasis on judging is educational rather than policing.  Be aware that the Team Race events will require as many as twelve umpires and the Chief Umpire may need as much as a year to compile their team.  The Chief Judge and Umpire must be mutually agreed upon by the Host and USODA, also known as the Organizing Authority (OA).  It is possible the OA may decide not to use the person indicated in the proposal. USODA Standardized NOR and SI documents will be used for the event along with prescribed course length and configuration.


27. Have you identified a Chief Scorer for this event or do you require the Class’ assistance?  Please describe this person’s scoring experience, particularly with large fleets:

Please discuss which scoring programs your scorer is proficient with, such as, Clubspot, Sailwave, St Pete Scorer, Yacht Scoring, etc. Unfortunately, Regatta Network will not accept USODA data for import.  The Scorer must be mutually agreed upon by the Host and USODA, also known as the Organizing Authority (OA). It is possible the OA may decide not to use the person indicated in the proposal. This is especially true for team race events, Nationals, Team Trials, Spring Team Qualifier, and large multi-division regattas.


28. Do you anticipate obtaining Sponsorship to support the costs of running the regatta?  Will such sponsorships conflict in any way with the Class’ commitment to its Partners? Please describe:

Sponsorship is a great way to defray some of the costs of these events and keep entry fees affordable.  The goal of USODA is to keep the events accessible to all who wish to participate.  Our partners support the class, but may also support individual events by providing charters, services and goods for sale at the venue.  Any other sponsorship agreements you establish cannot exclude our partners’ participation.


29. What is your entry fee? 

USODA does not expect its hosts to subsidize events.  As a general guideline a one day event such as Girls Nationals should be around $40. Two day events should be $90-120. Three day events should be $150-170 and four day events should be $200-$225. This fee includes a $20/sailor fee to USODA. In the event that you anticipate a higher fee will be necessary to conduct the event, please describe what circumstances necessitate this increase.   


30. Describe on-site trailer/retail location for USODA Partner vendors providing parts, gear, repairs and charters?  List all local vendors within a 60 mile radius you intend to invite?   

See question #28 referencing Sponsors and Partners.  It is inevitable that something will break, someone has left an important piece of gear at home or the weather wasn’t what was expected. Many Opti families have come to rely on having this resource on site.  Average individual trailer size is 45’ x 8.5’ with an on-site footprint of 55’ x 20’. For regional events with less than 100 sailors, there are typically one to three USODA Partners attending. For larger regional events, there are typically four to six USODA Partners attending.


31. Is it possible to rent coach and spectator boats in the area? 

Many teams may travel to the event without their own coach boats. They will require your assistance in securing rentals.


32. Describe prizes, giveaways, raffles, social events, etc. that you intend to include as a part of your entry fee: 

The Notice of Race will define the awards for racing.  Overall awards for the Championship Fleet, top Girls, and top positions in Red, Blue and White fleets will be awarded. USODA policy is participation awards for green fleet.  We recommend the USODA Green Fleet participation medals.  Use this section to describe any other prizes and mementos as well as social activities you have planned.  USODA regattas require the host to provide a regatta memento (T-shirt, hat, buff, etc.).


33. Describe technological capabilities of your club and Race Committee: 

Please describe how you have promoted other regattas, how you have kept competitors and spectators informed prior to and during a regatta.  USODA regattas provide as close to real-time scoring as possible.  If the scorer is on the water, will you be able to upload preliminary scores online in “real-time” from the water?  If the scorer is onshore, will you be able to send photos of sheets to the scorer to input and post online after each race?


34. Do you practice sustainability? 

The USODA is committed to environmental initiatives and sustainable event practices.  As a learning Class, we work to set a good example for young sailors by taking care of the waters and surrounding environment where we sail.   Would you be able to accommodate this initiative?  If so, please explain how you will support the Class commitment in environmental stewardship at this event.


35. Provide a draft site map identifying event specific areas

Include yacht club, opti launching, vendor space, on-shore opti area, coach/spectator boat launch and overnight docking, regatta check-in, protest committee room, etc.


Please use this section to summarize any other information and provide attachments which you would like the Regatta Committee to consider as it reviews your proposal.  Again, photos, maps, resume’s of key personnel, etc., if available, are all helpful to the Regatta Committee in understanding the benefits of having a championship at your venue: